• Image of PANDA, Beni Rug
  • Image of PANDA, Beni Rug
  • Image of PANDA, Beni Rug

Our Vintage Beni Ourain Rugs were hand loomed by berber women in the High Atlas using natural cream, black, grey and brown wool. Featuring designs of diamonds, triangles or naïve figures they are a true design classic and look at home in a range of minimalist and boho decors alike.

This high pile rug is traditionally handwoven woven using a thick wool making for a soft, thick feeling underfoot and a luxe overall feel.

Material: 100% Wool
Size: 160cm x 125cm
Colour: Black/Cream

Please note: This is a rare vintage item, therefore some evidence of wear may be visible, which not only adds to the unique charm of each piece, but tells rich the history of these beautiful rugs.

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