Behind the scenes... Morocco Shoot

Behind the scenes... Morocco Shoot
Pre-pandemic, travel would punctuate our year.  Whether for work or pleasure, any excuse we could find to escape London and we were on it.  How things have changed…  So while the most exciting excursion we go on now is a trip to the ‘Big’ Sainsbury's, we’ve been reminiscing over our past visits to Morocco, and trying to catch a bit of sun vicariously through them.  You can almost feel the heat on your skin just by flicking through old pics, and that’s as good as its going to get for the time being. 
So in lieu of our usual trips abroad, we thought we’d show you a little behind the scenes of our last shoot in Morocco, which took place in January of last year.  Sophia (with the help of Joe) travelled about an hour out of Marrakech to Agafay, a dry, rocky desert; a little respite, far from the bustle of the busy city.  The landscapes are immense, and overwhelmingly beautiful. 
At yonder, we shoot all of our imagery ourselves, and enjoy the creative freedom it gives us (although, lugging those rugs around is heavy work!).  More often than not, we will snap hundreds and hundreds of photos, which we then whittle down to just the select few that we use on our website and socials. 
We’ve collated a little collection of outtakes and behind the scenes from our journal, to give you an insight into how we create our dreamy imagery. 
You may see a camouflaged Sophia in a few, matching clothes and landscape? Yes, please!
Sometimes the perfect shot requires a bit of clambering!
One of our classic Beni M'Guild rugs, blending in with the landscape.
These Berber rugs are super vibrant, with the classic lozenge motif which is seen on lots of vintage Moroccan rugs.  We repurpose vintage rugs, picking the most special bits, to create our Berber cushions.
Beautiful Moroccan desert landscape, never fails to amaze!
Joe and Zak doing some of the heavy lifting.
Our beautiful 'Raj' Beni M'guild, blending in with the scenery (as is Sophia!).
The sweetest Moroccan windows, surrounded by lush greenery.
We love the geometric simplicity of Moroccan architecture.
We are always interested in history of the symbolic imagery woven into Moroccan rugs- maybe this could be a future post...
Another big, Beni M'guild rug  in red, orange, pink and brown shades.
Making our way back to base, at the beautiful Agafay.
We couldn't end without showing some snaps of  fluffy friends who took a liking to our rugs, they just can't resist! 
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